Aging is the greatest risk factor for disease

We’re discovering new targets and developing first-in-class therapies for age-related diseases.

Different by design

Like much of the work we do at Calico, our development approach is different by design. Our efforts focus on identifying new targets — that are not currently being pursued by many others — based on our evolving understanding of the biology of aging and age-related diseases.


We’re translating that research into first-in-class compounds to target diseases commonly linked with aging. In some cases, our targets are predicted to also target aging more generally, thus having the potential to extend the overall human healthspan.

Calico Stories

Inside the biology of aging: How do scientists tackle a planet-wide diagnosis?

See how the AbbVie-Calico Life Sciences collaboration turns the traditional partnership upside down to tackle age-related diseases. The giant tortoise can roam the Earth for over 150 years. Whales, the longest living mammals, pass two centuries without a second thought. The oldest known freshwater mussel celebrated 280 birthdays. But what about humans? What makes our cells and genes...

Focused on patient benefit

We believe that focusing on new areas of biology and making big leaps in science and then translating these efforts into drug candidates for potential clinical development will lead to patient benefit. Our approach has yielded a portfolio comprised of more than 20 early- and late-stage preclinical compounds in cancer, neurological diseases, and tissue homeostasis and repair.


Born of collaboration and partnership

Our clinical development efforts are powered by collaboration, both within Calico and with our external partners. For example, we work closely with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard on drug discovery programs, most notably a target screening program that has yielded a number of promising immunotherapy cancer targets we are actively pursuing.


Our major partnership with the pharmaceutical company AbbVie provides us with additional research insights and capabilities, and also with the scale and scope necessary to bring a new medicine to patients while maintaining our focus on target discovery and early-stage clinical development. Calico is responsible for preclinical and clinical development through human proof of concept studies, with AbbVie having the option to assume responsibility for late-stage clinical development and commercialization. Our teams partner hand-in-hand with our colleagues at AbbVie in a collaboration structure that augments the strengths of both partners.