Life at Calico

Calico employees are asking big questions about aging and age-related diseases. Life at Calico provides employees with the freedom and support to answer them, and then pursue their science all the way to the clinic.

Life at Calico

Life at Calico is about Science. And science is our life.

It starts with our mission. It’s ambitious. We want to better understand the biology that controls aging and lifespan…and use that knowledge to develop interventions that enable people to live longer, healthier lives.

Life at Calico isn’t for everyone. We’re working in mostly uncharted areas rooted in biology and advanced technology. We’re in it for the long-term. Calico employees are scientists, engineers, explorers and inventors, comfortable with the knowledge that often incremental steps lead to a giant leap.

The foundation of Life at Calico is our core values — fostering a culture where employees focus on collaboration, camaraderie, learning and a generosity of spirit because we believe that answering big scientific questions necessitates healthy discourse, debate and working together across disciplines.

Our core values


We believe tackling aging and increasing healthspan can only succeed with cutting-edge science and transformative technology and that both are fueled by intellectual freedom and creativity.


We expect everyone to be honest, ethical and trustworthy.


We aim high, make tough decisions and take smart risks.


We value taking personal responsibility and look inward first when things do not go well.


We understand that working together can expand possibilities and capabilities.

Generosity of spirit

We strive to be kind and considerate, respect each other’s individuality and perspectives and graciously share both ideas and credit.

We’re serious about learning

Grow and contribute to the world’s scientific communities

Calico employees benefit from continuous learning.  Attend seminars with leading scientists from around the world (externally or right here at Calico) and discuss the latest research at a company poster session or Science Talk. We enable our employees to learn, grow and contribute to the world’s scientific communities through collaborations and scientific meetings.

Lab days

Twice a year, employees are invited to Calico’s own internal scientific meeting to hear about the latest research from our labs.

Poster sessions

Every quarter, employees gather to engage on all elements of our operations from deep science programs to support teams.

Science Talks

Science Talks keep employees informed about what’s happening in our labs.

Courses by Calico experts

Take courses like The Science of Aging, or Understanding Drug Development, and learn how to program in Python from experts who work at Calico.

Calico Informational seminars

We get to meet scientists from around the world, learn about their research and start or continue a dialogue.

Special research seminars

Seven renowned scientists from around the U.S. came to Calico for “Mito-Day” to discuss their research and spark a conversation about aging biology.

Life at Calico is about collaboration

Comprehensive benefits program

We understand that working on “one of life’s greatest mysteries” is a journey into uncharted territory. It’s exciting and ambitious in its scope, but has many unknowns. We think a lot about what employees may need so they can focus on what they want to accomplish.

We offer

A competitive reward and benefit program

Continuous learning opportunities

Financial services and advice

Commuting subsidies

Wellness programs and onsite fitness options

Onsite complimentary food (breakfast, lunch and snacks)

Employee activities

Mentoring and buddy programs

Join us

Calico is currently seeking exceptional candidates who share our passion for understanding the science of aging and developing therapeutics to address age-related diseases